25 March 2008

Of Dreams

Sometimes the tiredness falls off me like rain. And then I can no longer do anything other than retreat, go to bed, to the soft cocoon of the blankets and sheets and hope that sleep will come, rise above the anxieties and overwhelm me. I dream a lot of startling things these days. I remember how when I was prescribed malaria medication I was warned that a side affect could be vivid dreams and I remember wondering how would I ever know? My night mind dreams up fantastic science fiction novels and battles between good and evil and it dreams of the wings of birds rescuing bits of light from beleaguered people. I have always had vivid dreams and often periods of my life have been marked by a recurring dream of some sort and after the ending of particular chapters, it is as if my sleeping mind regurgitates all of the things it has forgotten, downloading all of the details of that time period into a new time continuum; people I have forgotten, events, random details such as mathematical formulas or the particular stitching across a piece of fabric or the way a place smells come tumbling in. Right now I sleep the sleep of the dead, I do not even disturb the sheets at night although in my dreams the world unfolds most peculiarly and I am left with imprints and impressions, dream fingerprints on my waking days.


  1. stream of consciousness yumminess.

  2. I am a very vivd dreamer too. Have mapped out my dreams from the books I have with them written down and it appears that I dream all my dream in 4 places, a seaside town, a city, a rural area and a place with a zoo.

  3. "dream fingerprints on my waking days" beautifully said. I'm feeling the fingerprints as well.

    I'm thinking of you and wishing you well.

  4. Lovely post, beautifully described. I saw myself in it.

  5. Me too, friend. All of it. This is a lovely post, and I hope you are well.

  6. This post reads like one of those dreams.


  7. Great descriptions of your other world, hope you save your blogs. there is poetry in them thar hills... ;-)

  8. jen, thanks :) Definately stream of conciousness.

    dj, I resist mapping but I could probably identify the areas easily.

    hel, thank you my dear.

    jonzie, thanks!

    qt, thank you. I'm doing all right - finding the spaces between things, the calm in the storm.

    julie, really? That's a neat idea.

    doris rose, ah, thanks! I was wondering how best to back the darn thing up! Any tips?

  9. 'Resistance is futile'...map away woman, map!


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