31 December 2007

New Year

Wishing you all a wonderful jump into the New Year of 2008!

Polar Bear Jump Fundraiser for Cancer Research, Alaska, January 2007


  1. Same to you! I hope 2008 offers you the right job, much love and the right amount of adventure.

  2. you too, sister. am so happy we run around in the same village.

  3. Happy New Year!
    Maybe your days be sunny and bright...

  4. Happy New Year from the end of the hottest year on record in Melbourne in Australia. That polar bear jump looks so "refreshing".
    I hope many inviting doors open for you in 2008. Please keep blogging because I love hearing about life 'over there'. You writing is evocative and interesting.

  5. Oh i don't think so. Warm water only for this coward.

    All the best in the new year to you.

  6. Happy New Year!

    Polar Bear Jump? I'd try it once.

    May the New Year hold great opportunities for you.

  7. Hi, Happy New Year! I wish the best for you this year.

  8. Happy New Year ~ 2008 is full of surprises for us!

  9. post-doc, thank you!

    jen, me too sister, me too.

    doris rose, thanks!

    parlance, my dear thank you! I am so sorry I forgot you were in Australia when I posted my solstice wishes but I hope you had a fabulous summer solstice as well. I promise to keep blogging and hope to get "back in the swing" of it soon.

    maypole, it helps if you close your eyes before you jump :)

    meno, just jump into the new year, leave the polar bear jump up to me!

    ms chica, thank you! I don't mind the jump so much, it's the asking people for money to raise for the jump I have trouble with!

    matte, thanks! to you too! Maybe we'll have a beer together in '08.

    qt, indeedy! I hope yours are glorious!

    julie, thanks!


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