08 October 2007

Mt Alice

Mount Alice has gotten her new winter dress and she's as shy as a girl going to a dance as she has been hiding behind the clouds a lot of late.

Today was one of those days where I wondered if I had gone back to bed and got up again would it have turned out differently? I won't go into it, I haven't the words right now and though I've typed 5 posts in the last hour I'm leaving them as drafts for now, to reconsider on a day that weighs a little less.


  1. "A day that weighs a little less." Beautiful phrase for a sad concept. I hope tomorrow is much lighter for you.

  2. Five posts...rest assured, the mountain speaks volumes.

    I'm just gonna hang out for a few and enjoy the view, it's far more striking than the dead azalea shrubs in the back yard.

  3. Looks beautiful, I googled and found this.

    sometimes, going back to bed just makes it later ;-)

  4. those who wear dresses in the winter in alaska probably won't be wallflowers for long! i'd bet she has the strength to help a tough day fade away.

  5. Wishing you more peaceful moments like the ones your photo inspired for me~~~

  6. post-doc ~ thank you.

    ms chica ~ hang out all you want!

    doris rose ~ oh, you are so right, sometimes it just makes it later. Nice link! Unfortunately, my photography skills when it comes to the aurora is limited.

    matte ~ :) indeed, I suppose she does.

    qt ~ thanks, glad it helped you

  7. Sometimes just the writing and the drafting is enough.


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